The Kairos Project is an innovative approach to theological education in which you have the opportunity to take an active role in your journey of discipleship.

It blends some of the best aspects of competency-based learning with opportunities for traditional learning experiences, customized educational pathways, and relevant learning rooted in your local community – all the while growing in your understanding of what it means to faithfully follow Jesus in your context.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are not alone in this journey. In addition to your mentors, you have a team of people walking alongside you. Below are some key people to know and stay in touch with.


People to Know

Kairos Advisor

As you get started, your Kairos Advisor is your primary point of contact. They will walk with you through Starting Well and help build your mentor team. Eventually, your faculty mentor will become your primary contact.

Faculty Mentor

Your faculty mentor will play an important role in your journey. Besides becoming a primary point of contact, they will assist you when you have questions or don't know where to turn. Your faculty mentor will also work with you and your full mentor team to help you navigate your program and assess your work.

Mentor Team

The individuals on your mentor team will walk alongside you in this journey of discipleship. Their guidance, feedback, and expertise will help you work toward competency in your program and context. You will identify and develop your team by the end of this Starting Well process.

Enrollment Management Team

Kairos has a team of people dedicated to serving you well. If you have questions or need assistance, you are always welcome to email for questions regarding Kairos. We will connect you to the person who can best serve you.



Pathwright is a learning management platform and is the primary hub for your Kairos experience. It is where you interact with your mentor team, find learning experiences and curriculum resources, submit your work, make progress, and a whole lot more. The student resources page is a great place to start if you're looking for commonly-accessed resources.

Monthly Email Update

Please be sure to read the monthly "Kairos Updates" email. This email update includes important information about gatherings, learning experience opportunities and other current details and offerings. Updates are emailed at the end of each month and you do not need to sign up. The email is sent to the address we have on record. If your email address changes at any point in the future, please let us know by emailing